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Warmduscher are a group of miscreants, known only by aliases (Clams Baker Jr, Salt Fingers, Quicksand and Dr. Withers aka Little Whiskers). Ardent fans, Iggy Pop and Marc Riley have only gleaming praise to heap on the band, and in return, Warmduscher have blessed them both with immortality.

The band’s live show has left thousands across the UK and Europe desperate for more. During their set at End of the Road Festival 2018, they were accused of inciting a riot and thrown into a giant hole. 
They have since emerged and will soon embark on a worldwide tour of France, Switzerland and Italy. Breathe it in before it’s gone.


The Leaf Label





"Warmduscher have mischief coursing through their blood, though they also happen to make extraordinary records" -  (Tatinted Lunch) 9/10 Uncut

"Imagine peak De Niro stewing in Wetherspoons" - (Tainted Lunch) 4/5 Mojo

 "It’s like they took the best vibes of the coolest bands that got right to the edge of the atmosphere of earth in the 60s and went that extra step fifty years later – so God bless Warmduscher" - Iggy Pop

"The best band on the planet" - Mark Riley, BBC Radio 6

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