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Specialising in vocal production + digital sound manipulation, SOAP. have already shown they can compete with the bigger studios with cuts landing on influential Spotify editorial playlists and multiple BBC Radio 1 plays with tastemaker DJ's Jack Saunders, Molly King and Gemma Bradley.


SOAP. are Josh Noble + Karl Ziegler. Formed in early 2021 the pair work out of their bright studio space at 80Hertz in Manchester.

Josh (25) began his career as singer + songwriter in Larkins touring across Europe + the US. His love of eccentric production and narrative lyrics led him into some of the world’s best studios, gaining experience from some of the biggest songwriters + producers in pop. Canadian born Karl (22) left school in pursuit of bolder sounds, taking inspiration from the likes of Jon Hopkins and Fred again.. Karl's unique style of sample manipulation and ‘laptop’ pop quickly caught the attention of fresh, UK artists seeking the newest sounds. Combining pop sensibility with sample based production the pair have over 20 million Spotify plays and 20+ songs played on R1.


The pair set-up their studio in MCR with a focus on speed. With 2 workstations in lots of natural light, SOAP. approach music as ‘write now + edit later’. Using ambient loops and unique synth sounds to set the tone, the pair believe songwriting mustn’t feel contrived. SOAP. are keen to help artists launch careers that are filled with personality + unique sounds working with Josie Man, Georgia Twinn, Sophia Alexa, Joe Keogh (Amber Run), Beren Olivia, Phoebe Hall and Manta of late.

Email for showreel.

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